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The SORC TVRadio Network


At The SORC TVRadio Network, we have a team of dedicated and dynamic professionals who strive for excellence every day. From behind the scenes to the faces you see on air, each member plays an integral role in delivering our exceptional programming. Meet our team and see how they make it all come together.

Mel Albin, has left an indelible mark in the field of higher education. As one of the first proponents of online learning, he transcended geographical barriers to teach students worldwide. His dedication to this innovative approach paved the way for distance learners to access quality education from prestigious institutions. Having served as an undergraduate and graduate professor of higher education, Mel’s insights and expertise has undoubtedly shaped countless minds. Equipped with a dual degree, a PhD in Neuropsychology and US Economic and Business History, Mel seamlessly transitioned into top executive management. As an executive director for two graduate business programs, Albin honed his skills in strategic planning and client relationship management. His invaluable contributions aided these programs in achieving new levels of success and recognition. In addition, as executive vice president of the US division in a major global Dutch pension and investment company, his insights helped expand their assets under management and net revenue in the US market. Through his experience as an artist manager, working with music producers, booking agents, and distribution channels, Mel gained an understanding of the intricacies of this dynamic field. His involvement in an FM Baltimore radio station further broadened his expertise, as he curated new shows and facilitated host development at WOLB 1010 AM Baltimore, MD. This comprehensive background laid the foundation for founding The SORC® TVradio Network. Taking advantage of the new airwave technology, SORC became one of the BBC’s fastest growing affiliates licensed through his affiliated parent company MFM Digital Broadcasting in the UK. SORC® TVradio has streamed to over 38 million viewers/listeners since inception and to over 3 million in N America. SORC broadcasts weekly to over 160,000 viewers/listeners in the DMV making The SORC® TVradio Network one of the biggest independent streaming radio stations anywhere. At about the same time that Albin founded The SORC® TVradio Network (formerly The SORC Radio Network) he co-founded and became the managing partner of a new shopping network, Shop Black Enterprise®, a cooperative association only for Black and Minority owned small businesses who can’t afford or rightfully do not want to pay the exorbitant prices charged to small entrepreneurs at Amazon, or risk losing their website and customers at Shopify. His advice: “Read the long contract for both very carefully. Shop Black Enterprise® is the only shopping platform that never takes a dime from the merchants sales; merchants keep 100% of every sale.” Shop Black Enterprise® also has a 501C3 charitable trust established solely for the benefit of all merchant members. The Shop Black Enterprise Showcase on the SORC TVradio Network features up to 6 merchants rotationally to show their products and services to a wide audience-- local, regional and global free of charge because its sponsor supported. Mel also created and owns Black Businesses Matter Live Aid Concert™ a charitable concert to raise money and awareness for the needs of Black small business owners, sole proprietors, who comprise over 98% of all Black businesses. Mel is 100% engaged to continue this journey and unlock the possibilities of a new 21st Century media frontier: simultaneously local and global, a streaming TVradio station built for the coming AI revolution that unites the world.

Mel Albin PHD, Founder/CEO

Milton Rice joined The SORC® TV radio Network in 2023. Milton is our strategic development Guru. Throughout his career from festivals, concerts and the United States Olympics, Milton’s logistical expertise and grand vision have remained at the top of the entertainment and sports industry. Having a vested interest in The SORC® TVradio Network, he helps to expand our vision as we expand our network. He spearheads our events, concerts and festivals allowing SORC® to grow into the global communities where our viewers and listeners are. Milton knows how to create revenue streams where others can’t begin to imagine them. Milton started building festivals and partnerships between sponsors and local governments in 1976. Milton has produced the largest US culture and art festival averaging 1.2 million people 4 years in a row. He joined The Miller Brewing Sound Express Mobil concert series in 1986 until 1990 under the direction of Bill Rouselle and world-famous George Wein. In 1992 Milton joined the United States Olympic Committee as Chief of Operations in charge of logistics and working closely with all global sponsors and athletes. Currently, Milton produces and merchandises concerts for both live and broadcast platforms. Milton’s creative energy and his ability to originate events is unsurpassed and clearly sets him apart from his peers.

Milton Rice,

Strategic Development

Kimdra has spent her career developing entrepreneurs and their businesses. She has served as a resource manager and business teacher for over 15 years at major universities. She has instructed nearly 10,000 students/faculty annually on information literacy, database research, business and career development.  Kimdra has also served as a consultant and administrative planner for several start up bushiness all while starting her own company with Mel Albin, Shop Black Enterprise®. Shop Black Enterprise® (SBE) a premier media and website shopping site for merchants, gig workers and musicians to compete for customers with other merchants and have a market reach to a global shopping audience of between 30 and 50 million shoppers rivaling any of the largest known shopping networks. SBE is also a cooperative association where all merchant member’s support each and every business by pooling collective expertise and membership resources. Kimdra helped create a critical promotional bridge for small businesses linking SBE and SORC® TVradio through the Shop Black Enterprise Showcase™. As the Communications manager for SORC® TVradio, Kimdra has been an integral part of the start up and development of the station and its progress. She has worked closely with the CEO Mel Albin to partner SORC® with SBE in the shared goal to promote and develop small black/minority businesses by providing a platform and support. Kimdra’s reach into the local market has been instrumental in the initial growth of SORC®. Kimdra leaves us with her personal motto, “There is enough room at the table for all of us, if we work together there is NOTHING we cannot accomplish.”

Kimdra McNeil,

Owner, Communications Manager

​As an Entertainment Web Developer at Kai Management, I am passionate about creating visually dynamic websites that are specifically designed to cater to artists. I am dedicated to helping my clients increase revenue streams through innovative design and customized development. As an artist I understand the importance of creating a website that reflects the artist's unique style and vision, and I work deligently to ensure that each website is a reflection of thier individuality and their craft. My specific skill set enables me to create engaging and responsive websites that attract new fans and retain thier current fanbase. I believe that a website should be more than just a static digital brochure. It should be an experience that immerses the visitor in the artist's world. I work to ensure that each website is a true reflection of the artist and their brand, creating new avenues of revenue streams in the process.

Noni Kai Bey, Entertainment Developer

Heather Henderson (Ahava),: Social Media Strategist & Designer

I am Ahava Bey, a nature-loving mother, art-inspired social media specialist and owner of Ahiyah Resources. I'm a social media expert driven by an immense love for nature and an artistic flair. Social media design plays a pivotal role in capturing the attention of your target audience and conveying your brands message effectively. With the ever-growing competition for users; limited attention span, investing in visually appealing and aesthetically consistent social media content has become more important than ever. There are at least 5 basic elements in an outstanding social media design that draws people in: color, contrast, typography,visual hierarchy and style. These elements only have impact through the designers experience and understanding of composition. Employing a well-crafted social media strategy is the backbone of any successful online presence. It is essential to pre-plan and strategize your actions, keeping in mind the specific goals, target audience, and brand personality. My focus is defining my clients social media goals - whether it's increasing brand awareness, driving website traffic, generating leads, improving customer satisfaction, or all of the above. Each goal demands a tailored approach and metrics for measuring success. Then I understand the audience demographics, interests, and behaviors to effectively tailor your content and engage with them seamlessly across multiple social platforms.  Social media is all about fostering connections. Make sure to actively engage and interact with your audience through likes, replies, shares, comments, and reviews. Building a genuine relationship with your followers is key in ensuring long-term success. When refining social media presence, it is paramount to remain steadfast in our commitment to prioritize design that supports our primary goal: monetizing social connections. By integrating an effective monetization strategy into our design approach, we can unlock significant opportunities to leverage social media for generating revenue and nurturing customer loyalty. Drawing inspiration from the beauty of art and the wonders of the natural world, I thrive on utilizing social media platforms to create meaningful connections, amplify important messages, and drive positive change. As the creator of Ahiyah Resources, my unwavering commitment lies in fostering a sustainable future for generations to come. My passion for tangible impact has led me to develop educational courses focused on cultivating food sustainably. By empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills to grow their own food, I aim to contribute to a greener, healthier planet.

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